About Vishal

Vishal is a Senior Bioengineering student minoring in Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh.

Academically, Vishal's interests are in medical devices and biotechnology. He has been working on a surgical device for the past year for babies born with a congenital condition. This has been ongoing for over a year and has been done in conjunction with a physician from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). For his Senior Design course he has been working on a chiropractic table attachment to help the clinicians with their adjustments on patients. These projects help describe Vishal's interest in this field and drive to help people through the use of his background and skills.

Vishal enjoys playing sports such as tennis and badminton. He has been playing sports for many years for both his school and for pleasure and continues to play them today. He also has a great interest in music, having played piano from a young age. He is still learning new instruments and recently got into music recording and mixing and so has been experimenting with newer sounds and beats to augment his music.